My friends and I were fortunate enough to discover and stay in this hotel, Selah Garden Hotel. And I never expected that we would have so much fun and be able to choose from such adrenaline pumping outdoor activities. All while staying in comfort and luxury within the walls of this one of a kind boutique hotel in the middle of Pasay City.

The view from the balcony
Some historical bits on Pasay City

Pasay City is one of the cities in Metro Manila.

The city is named after Dayang-dayang (Princess) Pasay. The daughter of Lakan Tagkan, ruler of the Kingdom of Namayan and his Bornean slave-wife.                     Princess Pasay inherited the territories of Pasay, Bario Culi-Culi (today known as Barangay Pio del Pilar and Barangay Bangkal) and Baclaran.

Some interesting historical trivia which I’ve just now learned myself while doing some research and that I want to share with you:

Did you know that Pasay was renamed 4 times in the past?

  • In 1727 it was renamed Pineda after Don Cornelio Pineda, a Spanish horticulturalist.
  • Then in 1901 it was renamed back to Pasay
  • 1947 it was renamed Rizal City after Jose Rizal via the Diaz bill.
  • Finally in 1950 after only 2 years, 8 months & 12 days after renaming the city, it was renamed back to Pasay by President Elpidio Quirino since the people could not break the habit of calling it by that name anyway.

November 27, 1970 came close to being an infamous and dark day in Pasay’s history when during the arrival of Pope Paul VI at the airport, The first pope to visit the Philippines. An assassination attempt was made on his life.                                   Luckily, the would be assassin, a Bolivian expat painter disguised as a priest who shouted, “Death to superstition!” before lunging at the pope with a knife, was foiled by the pope’s personal assistant who tackled the assassin to the ground. Pope Paul VI only sustained a minor wound in the attack.

A notable moment for women in the Philippines  was on  April 11, 1914 when Miss Cora Wong, a nurse at the Chinese General Hospital became the first woman in the Philippines to fly as a passenger on a flight with Tom Gunn in a Curtiss seaplane off Pasay Beach.

Keeping with the trend of the 2017 Miss Universe Pageant, which is currently happening in Pasay. The Miss Universe Pageant was first  held in the Philippines and in Asia in 1974, also in the reclamation area in Pasay City.

The city of Pasay is the location of a lot of historical and cultural buildings, as well as popular must see tourist spots and destinations. Namely the Domestic Airport, Terminal 2 & 3, NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport), CCP (Cultural Center of the Philippines), Tanghalang Francisco Balagtas (Folk Arts Theater),  Manila Film Center, Philippine International Convention Center, Metropolitan Museum, Design Center of the Philippines, Aliw Theater, Star City, Entertainment City and SM Mall of Asia. Selah Garden Hotel is conveniently located in very close proximity to all of these sites!

Selah Garden Hotel

A hotel like this in both an industrial and urban area is simply fabulous.  And to quote one of those annoying TV shopping announcers, “but wait, there’s more!!!” The best part is that aside from it’s awesome location right in the heart of the city, Selah also features amazing amenities and lots of inbuilt adventure sports challenges, like:  Wall Climbing, Zipline, Free Fall, Rope Bridge and even Open Water Scuba Diving Lessons which are all reasonably priced. The activities they offer will keep you busy, it offers everyone another dimension to fully enjoy their stay. You wont even have to leave the hotel to have great fun.


I can’t stop thinking about it, why? I have traveled a lot in my life and stayed in quite a number of hotels. But this one is totally different. Mostly you see the adventure outdoor activities in beach resorts or in adventure parks. But Selah Garden Hotel offers all-in-one adventure activities inside the hotel within the city, with something in it for everyone. Make sure you do not miss out on their outdoor fun.

Game options: Wall Climbing

Wall climbing beside the pool, inside a hotel. How convenient!

My friend, Marge  with a harness, a challenging wall to climb, and zero experience.

Rock Climibng was a bit challenging but it was a very fulfilling experience.


The coaches also help you if you’re a beginner, ready to give you details and remind you of safety precautions to enjoy this ride.

My friend, Chiki tried the zipline the moment he got here!

Superfly combines the exhilarating feeling of soaring through the air .

Rope bridge

It will test your outdoor skills and it is exciting as you cross over!

My friend, jerny pushed himself harder by crossing the cable/rope bridge.

The adventure activities are an exceptional  way to have fun while getting in a great workout.  It’s both exciting and safe for all participants. Selah Garden Hotel provides a harness and safety equipment, and it is all facilitated by well trained staff and professional coaches so you need not worry.

Whether you  are a first timer or a seasoned outdoor activity enthusiast, The staff members guide you thru a safety briefing that demonstrates how to climb and zip line. Safety measures are very well taken, you can take your time to complete and fully enjoy each activity. This is a true place for adventure lovers. Just like my friend, Cathy.

Staff members monitor every step very well.

If you are tired or overheating  from the adrenaline rush that is pumping thru you, then you can always cool down and relax in the pool.

The pool is a great way to cool your jets. You will definitely appreciate diving into that cool water after a tough climb.
Talk about adventure! Selah Garden Hotel delivers quality service when it comes to diving. They even have a 10 foot deep pool area which is specifically used for Open Water Scuba Diving Lessons by RAID Philippines. Although we had a limited time schedule because we only stayed overnight,  I had never tried diving (and honestly didn’t even know how to swim). I would not let this opportunity pass. So I signed up for the diving lessons while shaking nervously.
Luckily for me, the diving instructors, Christoferou Chan and Ericson Paul Yee  who are also underwater photographers, were very careful and patient with first timers like me. I could not have asked for better diving instructors.
We had limited time but really wanted to do the Open water Scuba diving lesson, and they made it happen.
Instructor taught us all the basic gear handling techniques , underwater communications and the emergency tips to stay alive in emergency situations. hahaha!

Both times the instructors were very professional, the first with Christoferou  and the second with Ericson Paul Yee, if you get an option to pick one, pick either one of them.

Expert instructors are on point to ensure that we are safe and enjoy our time underwater.
We did the 1 day Scuba Diving Lesson, and we had a great time! My friend and I were both first time divers, and I appreciated our instructors’ calm and professional way of teaching us. They put a lot of effort into making us feel comfortable and oriented with the new gear as we were learning the various techniques.
We highly recommend Christoferou and Ericson Paul Yee of RAID Philippines for anyone looking into diving lesson in Selah Garden Hotel!
The hotel facilities were great. We had a very restful and relaxing sleep to recharge our fully worked out bodies. We stayed in a Flagship room in the Hotel. Check Rooms here.
This room can accommodate 2 to 3 pax

Something different from this Hotel is that it also offers a Bunk Room for large groups or “barkadas”. There is a choice of accommodations for 4, 6 and 8 people. It’s an air-conditioned room. Check Rooms here.

Bunk room

The Cozy Room provides deluxe accommodations for two or three persons. It has complimentary wifi access and flat screen TV with cable.

Cozy Room

The Fabulous Suite is an air-conditioned room for a family of 5. It has a loft and an access to a veranda that is overlooking the pool and activity area. Check Rooms here.

Fabulous Suite

TheStellar Suite is designed to comfortably sleep a group of ten people. It is an air-conditioned room with a loft, a living space and a dining area. Check Rooms here.

Stellar Suite

The rooms’ designs are outstanding, comfy, warm and very fresh.

Selah Garden Hotel is very family oriented, the whole building, rooms, foyer areas, outdoor area have been magnificently designed in Filipino flavor.

There are also couches in the hallway balcony area where you can relax and enjoy.
It’s stylish with plenty of traditional Filipino native decorations.

Hanging decoration made of natural white capiz shell chips.

Gorgeous native capiz chandelier
They’re particular with the decor.

Who would want to leave this charming boutique hotel  with their enchanting beds and soothing pool?

This hotel thought of everything! They even have Misting Fans which sprays a cool, fine mist whenever the temperature gets too warm or dry for comfort.

The Pool area with the misting fans… very relaxing. Say goodbye to that dry feeling.

In the morning while we were having breakfast at the buffet spread, I noticed that part of the wall incorporated a tray of greens. Healthy plants that were scientifically grown and beautifully designed without the use of soil. This efficiently placed wall of green life caught my eye. I noticed that this was Selah’s hydroponic vertical garden.

Selah Garden Hotel’s management made it clear to me just how focused they are with their “Go Green Campaign”. They are currently making it a point to involve the community in this advocacy by coordinating with the residents and their Barangay Captain.The Hotel provides them seedlings, plants and needed materials. Taking it further by teaching fundamental knowledge to propagate all kinds of greenery in the area. They even plan to share their hydroponic technology soon.

While their effort in this Eco-friendly mission gives a boost to nature, at the same time it also helps beautify their surroundings and will surely have a positive impact on the whole neighborhood.

This hotel is eco-friendly. I love the design of the hotel. It’s cozy. I love how they use their wall for hydroponic plants.
Great pool area with a  gazebo is chillax inducing.

Selah Garden Hotel is clearly well managed by Mr. Mario Almeida, the General Manager. And you also get the impression that all the employees and people who work for the establishment sincerely care about running a world class hotel and pampering all their guests too. Especially Ms. Che Tolosa, the Sales and Marketing Director of Selah Garden Hotel

Amazing Food, Great Music & Excellent Customer Service … What a wonderful and pleasant time we had dining out at  the Gazebo.

Pasay City is very close to my heart, and coming back to spend some time here has been quite sentimental for me, since i have lived and worked in this city for a few years in the past. I am very pleased to know that there is now such a place as Selah Garden Hotel. A hotel that offers outdoor activities which we only often find in the treetops or in resorts that are located far away from the city. Aside from this, Selah also offers it’s guests the option to explore the historical & cultural sites, as well as the popular tourist spots of Pasay and the nearby city of Manila.

An awesome place to spend your vacation or “stay-cation” with family and friends for any event.

If you want to have the option of a busy day in the city and then retire away to a lovely relaxing hotel for the evening, this is for you!

It’s a short walk to Edsa highway. Easy access to transportation and shopping in one of the biggest malls in Asia. perfect for tourists, businesspeople, travelers, backpackers, and for family and company events or team building.

Having lunch together with Scuba diving Instructors and friends.

Each employee in Selah was so attentive and friendly, they made me feel so welcome.

“Thanks So Much Selah Garden Hotel for Accommodating us! A BIG shout out to my  fellow bloggers,  Marge,  jernyCathy, Jon and  Chiki Thank you for the photos.

Selah Garden Hotel

2715 Park Avenue
San Rafael, Pasay City.

For reservation +632 511.1331   +632 508.9141
0925.511.1331   0917.630.0604

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